Womens Bikes

Ladies no longer need to compromise their comfort when it comes to riding a giant ladies mountain bike. Shop online or visit our store!

Each year it seems the range of bikes built specifically for women grows a little more, as the numbers of women cycling has continued to skyrocket. With such a broad variety of bikes available, there has never been an easier time for women to start cycling. At Ivanhoe Cycles, we have a fantastic range, no matter your style! For several years we have stocked womens-specific mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, and retro style bikes.

Just what makes them female specific is usually obvious with some models having the traditional female bike appearance with the dropped top bar, however there are other less obvious differences such as ergonomic hand grips and saddles, narrower handlebars and also often a consideration regarding the colour.

Ladies no longer need to compromise their comfort when it comes to riding a bike as quite a number are built specifically with female anatomy in mind. With such a wide range available there really is a bike style to suit all riding requirements, whether it be a sleek lightweight racer for the serious enthusiast or a trendy retro style bike for the city commuter.

> What is 'Liv'?
Liv is something completely new. A sister brand of the world renowned bike manufacturing brand Giant, Liv is handcrafted by Giant, but dedicated specifically for women.

Giant has long been committed to the female consumer, with an extensive womens range that grows year by year. Liv has grown into a confident, popular brand completely dedicated to female cyclists.

We are excited to introduce you to the Liv range.
Read more at www.liv-cycling.com