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At Ivanhoe Cycles, we have one of the biggest range of pro scooters. Our pro scooter brands include Grit Scooters, Proline Scooters, Mongoose and Crisp Scooters. Pro scooters aren't just for pro's though. We label them as Pro because they can be used at skateparks and are made to be more robust. We stock pro scooters for youth right through to adults.


Grit Scooter Company have been designing and manufacturing high-end pro scooters for almost 10 years. Grit is perhaps one of the most affordable pro scooter brands in Australia.

The range starts with the Grit Atom. This pro scooter has the lowest bar height and smallest deck making it perfect for kids around 5 years old. The next step is the Grit Extremist. This Grit pro scooter has a slightly bigger deck and 30mm taller handlebars; perfect for riders from tall 6 years old and up. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.

Grit’s Fluxx pro scooter is the smaller/different version of the Grit Extremist. It’s diminished deck and handlebar size makes it the perfect option for smaller riders. The Fluxx also has a lighter, stronger deck that is better for skatepark tricks like grinding. And it’s CNC machined neck not only cuts out significant material from the downtube, but it also enhances the overall scooter’s strength and stiffness.

Grit’s mid-level pro scooter is called the Grit Elite. At the Elite level, the build quality improves in key areas. Firstly, the Elite uses integrated bearings on the head tube (or steering column). The bearings are also completely sealed, which means much less maintenance compared to the open bearings used on the Grit Atom and Grit Extremist. The deck on the Grit Elite is stronger and lighter than the Atom and Extremist scooters as well.


The Proline Scooter pro scooter range includes 3 models; the Proline L1, Proline L2 and the Proline L3.

The Proline L1 ($119) is the entry pro scooter in the range. An aluminium deck reduces weight and the hi-tensile steel bar and fork deliver on strength and durability.

When you move up to the L2 ($189.00) construction quality gets even better. A full integrated bearing system is used for the head tube (where the steering happens). This means the front end of the scooter is much stronger and steers smoother. All the bearings in the steering column are also completely sealed. This means much less maintenance is required as well. A bigger deck and taller handlebars makes it suitable for older riders as well.

And the Proline L3 ($249.00) is the best in the range. It has the biggest deck and the tallest bar height. A 3 bolt clamp ensures a stronger connection to the deck. Larger diameter wheels (120mm versus 110mm on the L1 and L2) delivers a smoother, faster ride with less effort. So, the Proline L3 is perfect for adults or teenagers who want a durable scooter to build their repertoire of tricks.


Mongoose has introduced a new range of pro scooters for 2019. The range includes 4 models; Stance ($139), Stance Elite ($199), Stance Team ($229) and Stance Legacy ($249).

The Stance is the entry point pro scooter. Much like the Grit Extremist or the Proline L1, it’s designed for the youth rider from 6 years and older. The aluminium deck and hi-tensile steel handlebars and fork are used for their strength and durability.  

Moving up to the mid-range Stance Elite pro scooter, it now has an integrated head tube with completely sealed bearings. Much like the mid-range options from other brands, the Stance Elite is a slightly more premium option and less maintenance in the long term.

Mongoose’s second-best scooter is called the Stance Team. This is now suitable for young teenagers who spend time at the skatepark learning new tricks. The Stance Team features a special cutout at the head tube that further reduces weight. This scooter comes in two colours; black/green and purple/white.

The best scooter in the Mongoose pro range is called the Stance Team Legacy. Taller and wider bars (610mm high and wide) are perfect for taller riders and adults. A custom cutout on the head tube and fork remove unnecessary weight - something we don’t usually see because it’s more expensive to do. The Team Legacy also comes in two colours; black/orange and gunmetal.


We have two different types of Crisp scooters at Ivanhoe Cycles. One is the Crisp Inception and the Crisp Ultima.

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