Road Bikes

BREAKING NEWS. Disc Brakes now permitted in Australian road races!

Road bikes are the racing car of the bicycle world, just as a Mountain bike is the 4 wheel drive and the Hybrid is the family station wagon.

With their design based around the requirements of racing cyclists, a road bike is fast, light and very suitable for long distance riding. They have narrow tyres for reduced friction with the road, and higher ratio gears to allow the rider to attain quite high speeds. We are fortunate to stock some of the premier brands of road bike including Colnago, Giant, Wilier, Fondriest and Cannondale.

While each of these brands have models aimed at the racer or serious recreational rider there are some models which are designed more with the recreational rider in mind, with a more relaxed riding position and even slightly easier gearing. 

In recent years the trend has become for most road bike frames to be made of carbon fibre or composite materials, but in some cases, a combination of carbon fibre and aluminium is used. Carbon fibre offers greater comfort, lighter weight and potentially greater performance, although at a greater cost, whereas the use of aluminium gives excellent performance at a lower cost.

With Cycling Australia announcing in July, that disc brakes will be permitted in road races, many more disc brake bikes will be seen at local events.

We realise that not all road bikes will be used to actually race on, but the sensation of speed and a post ride coffee is something most of us can enjoy.