Womens Hybrid Bike

Our range of women's specific Liv hybrid bikes will deliver speed and comfort. Perfect for the urban environment, commutes or general fitness.

A women's hybrid bike is a cross between a mountain bike and a women's road bike. It is lighter and faster than a mountain bike, and usually allows you to sit more upright. It is not as light and fast as a road bike, but much more comfortable for most women.

The hybrid definition then splits further. A sports hybrid, with wider tyres and suspension for a plush ride, but with a trade-off in performance' Then you have a flat bar road bike which has a specially designed frame that has more clearance around the wheels than a conventional road bike.

Most hybrids allow fatter tyres and maybe even mudguards to be fitted. The bike also has flat handlebars with the brake and gear shifting controls at your fingertips at all times. This makes a very safe and controllable bike, especially when used in traffic, making it an ideal commuting bike, or simply a lightweight, comfortable recreational bike.

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