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If you're looking for one the most versatile comfort ladies hybrid bikes, then you should definitely consider the XDS Rise 3.0. Have a quick read here.



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There are heaps of women's comfort bikes out there. Some are great, and others are...not worth mentioning. So when we started to stock XDS’ Rise bicycle range, we were relieved to see (and hear) that these bikes were really, really good. We’ll explain why.

The Rise is not a full comfort bike. It doesn’t have a mudguards, baskets and a super laid back riding position. Rather we’d label it at the sporty end of comfort; a ladies bike that you can still commute in comfort, ride long distances (such as on the Warburton Rail Trail) and has a stable, confidence-inspiring ride - on all surfaces and environments. Your posture will be neutral; neither too upright or aggressive.

So what sort of rider is the XDS Rise 3.0 ideal for?

For the women who need a ladies bike to ride on weekends with their family or friends, general fitness or even commute to work and back. The great thing about the Rise 3.0 is it doesn’t pigeonhole you into one type riding or application; it’s so versatile. The frame can accommodate pannier racks for longer rides and has a kickstand for convenience at the shops.

Relatively speaking, the Rise 3.0 is inexpensive for the components that XDS pack into it. For those that appreciate quality, but do not need or want to spend excessive dollars, in our estimation, the Rise 3.0 is the sweet spot for value and performance. You can spend more (and we’d be happy for you too), but the majority of women will not really get the value out the extra dollars. If your riding consists of 1-3 times per week on gentle to undulating terrain and you don’t classify yourself as an enthusiast, then the Rise will be fine.

So what exactly do you get on the Rise 3.0?

Quality Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes (with women's specific brake levers).

We were really excited when the new 2018 Shimano Altus group of components (or ‘group set’ in bike lingo) got released earlier this year because it’s the first semi-performance budget stuff that Shimano has released in a long time and we were eager for bikes to come with it. In the past, customers would have to spend $800+ to get the same performance, now the new Altus has reduced the money barrier to smoother, more reliable gear shifts.  

Hydraulic disc brakes are a must have on your new ladies bike. Much, much less maintenance is required on hydro disc brakes. Compared to mechanical brakes, they work better, last longer, operate quieter and don’t require as much effort to decelerate. These brakes also feature women's specific brake levers; the brake lever is designed for smaller hands and the reach can be adjusted so that you’re not having to fully extend to reach the brake lever. Ergonomic.

Tyres come in the form of the Kenda Happy Medium and the tyre width is 40mm. These tyres are perhaps one of the most versatile tyre choices out there. They are suitable for a variety of dirt, gravel, compacted granite sand and sealed bike paths. The extra width also enhances comfort, grip and traction.

Frame sizing is available in 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch (S, M and L respectively). Riders of up to 163cm can fit the 15-inch, 163cm to 172cm 17-inch and 163cm upwards go 19-inch. For better fitment, please come in and visit Hallam or Heidelberg Heights stores.

Regarding Warranty. XDS Bicycles come with a Lifetime Frame Warranty. Shimano parts come standard with 2 years. 1 year on all else and 2 complimentary services are included in the Rise 3.0 purchase.


Errol |  8, February 2019  |  Melbourne


S, M, L
Tektro hydraulic M286, 160mm

Brakes Levers
Tektro HD-M286 Hydraulic, Womens Specific

X6 Ultralite, Smooth Welds
Shimano Altus M2000 9 speed

SR Suntour NEX HLO, Lockout
Shimano HG53

XDS Aluminium
Shimano Altus M2000, 9 speed

XDS Aluminium
Bottom Bracket
Sealed, square taper

XDS Comfort
XDS double wall, 21mm internal width

XDS Aluminium

XDS Comfort
KT alloy, black

14g, Stainless Steel

Shimano Altus M2000, 9 speed
Kenda Happy Medium, 700x40mm

Front Derailleur
Shimano Altus M2000, 9 speed

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Altus M2000, 9 speed
Extras / Other

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