Apollo Eon Comfort

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Buy Apollo Eon Comfort E Bike at Best price online. Bike comes with Shimano Steps Pedelec Assist system. 3 Torque Settings for better battery power usage.

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Apollo Eon Comfort

Fitted with Shimano Steps Pedelec Assist system with 3 torque settings.

  1. ECO       =  70% of your effort
  2. Normal   = 150%
  3. High       = 230%

The range varies according to condition, but a guide is 100kms on ECO, and about half of that on Normal.

Battery 418 watt hours - Charge time 4 hours to 100% (2 hours to 80%)

  • Weight of motor    3.16 kg 
  • Weight of battery  2.59 kg 

1000 charge cycles without significant power loss.

Walk-assist mode for extra support.

The Eon Commuter has a popular step through frame, simple to mount and dismount, easy to handle in traffic, and ideal if you are not as flexible as you once were.

The Eon has front suspension and a plush saddle with suspension in the seat pillar to increase rider comfort. It really is a plush ride. The suspension can be turned off should you desire increased performance over comfort.

There is a misconception with some that an electric bike means that you will get little or no exercise. This is entirely false. The Pedelec system is designed to apply power proportional to your input. If you wish to work out, then you can set it on ECO and the motor will apply power at the rate of 70% of your input. Then it cuts out at 25-26 kph, so you can rise above that under your own power. Of course, you can always switch it off to get a tougher work-out, it is still a pleasant bike to ride, just a bit heavier climbing the hills.

Conversely, if you wish to take it easy you can set it on a higher power setting and apply little effort. On the High power setting, the motor applies 225% of your effort, so hill climbing is a breeze. You apply minimal effort as you fly up the hills, or cruise the bike paths.

The range is determined by the power setting and general conditions. A reasonable guide is about 100km, when riding using the ECO setting, or about 50-60kms on Medium, down to about 40kms on HIGH.

The display shows the speed, battery condition, and power setting at all times, so you can regulate your ride to ensure that you don’t run out of power during really long rides.

The battery can be topped up to about 80% of its capacity in 2 hours, or a full recharge in 4 hours. The battery does not have to be removed from the bike, and it will automatically turn off when charged.  The battery life is about 1,000 recharges. That means around 100,000kms on ECO. That means that it is very economical transport at that cost. It is little wonder that electric bikes have taken off in Europe.


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