Azur Waterproof Shoe Covers

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Waterproof Shoe covers that are wind and water resistant and made of high-performance material. Fleece lining keeps your feet nice and warm. Easy attachment system.


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Azur Waterproof Shoe Covers

Waterproof shoe covers by Azur that are made of a high-performance material with fleece-lining for warmth. They are wind and water-resistant, so it doesn't really matter what the weather throws at you - your feet will stay warm and try with these shoe covers on. 

They have a reinforced toe to keep them lasting longer, and there's a velcro tab around the leg to provide a more comfortable fit. Underneath the shoe covers is another velcro strap which is the actual attachment point.

S = 36-38
M = 39-41
L = 42-44
XL = 45-47

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