Krush Premium Bike Wash 500ml

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Strong, biodegradable bike wash that is Australian made and owned. Cut through all matter of dirt and grime after a heavy ride to keep your bike looking schmicko and operating perfectly.


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Krush Premium Bike Wash 500ml

Love hitting full-on muddy trails out in the sticks? 

After a down and dirty ride, cleaning your bike is an important step towards keeping all the parts working optimally. The Krush Premium Bike Wash is a gel concentrate solution that gives you an awesome sudsy wash that will help you to cut through and remove all sorts of dirt and grime. You can use it on any part of your bike from the derailleur to the frame and it will be fine. It's suitable for carbon fibre, plastics, alloys and any kinds of paint. 


• Highly concentrated liquid gel wash.
• Suitable for alloy, carbon, rubber, metal and plastic surfaces.
• Built-in degreasing agent for great results on drivetrain, chain, sprockets and derailleur.
• Deep cleansing suds lift dirt and grease.
• Biodegradable.
• Size: 500ml


Available from Ivanhoe Cycles Hallam

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