Battle Rope 38mm x 15m

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Shop for Lifespan Battle Rope 38mm x 15m online at Ivanhoe Cycles. Provides an excellent upper-body workout that is easy to do anywhere with a bit of space.


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Battle Rope 38mm x 15m

The battle rope is a thick, 13kg rope that is 38mm in diameter and 15m long and has been employed by professional athletes all around the world. It is perfect for those who are looking to step into the arena of High-Intensity Interval Training as it is an incredible workout that will skyrocket your heart rate and get you incredible results when combined with an effective training program. It can be used to increase grip strength and tone your upper body but primarily is used as a means of cardiovascular training. It is simple to use and can be used just about anywhere as long as there’s enough room. The battle rope is ideal for anyone looking to step up their High-Intensity Interval Training with this addition.


  • 13kg
  • 15m long, 38mm diameter

Click here to see our very own homemade video showing off all of our Lifespan Fitness Equipment.

Currently only available from our Heidelberg store.​

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