Fitness Ball 65cm

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Lifespan Fitness Ball 65cm - was $69.00, now just $25.00! Very versatile and inexpensive exercise tools that also happen to be good fun. They're made of a very strong material that is anti-burst and very strong. Fitness Balls are fantastic for improving core strength, stability and posture.


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Fitness Ball 65cm

The Fitness Ball is a high-quality exercise tool made from super strong anti-burst material and can be used to target every muscle group in the body. The fitness ball is great for working your core muscles and developing better balance, posture, strength and overall stability. The Fitness Ball is UV resistant and guaranteed to last. They are great for those looking for an alternative to benches and other solid space consuming structures.

Features:    65cm Yoga, Pilates, Gym exercise fitness ball
Packaging Size:    18.7cm x 13.3cm x 25.2cm (L x W x H)
Material:    Super Strong Anti-burst material
Warranty:    12 Months parts replacement warranty

Click here to see our very own homemade video showing off all of our Lifespan Fitness Equipment.

Currently only available at our Heidelberg store.

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