Foam Roller 45cm

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Shop 45cm Foam Roller Bike online at Ivanhoe Cycles. This may look like a strange member of our gym equipment range, but it really important fitness buffs.


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Foam Roller 45cm

The Foam Roller is an excellent addition to anyone’s fitness arsenal, whether they’re an elite endurance athlete or someone who gets muscle soreness from everyday activities. The Foam Roller is made from high-quality density EVA foam with a strong core so that it won’t lose its shape. It is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. Foam Rollers are designed to help oxygenate tight, overworked muscles and by doing so will release tension. It also helps to break up dead scar tissue and is commonly employed by athletes as a means of recovery. It is a form of rehabilitation and is recommended that it be used when you would normally stretch: before and after your workout. It is 45cm long and 15cm in diameter and is ideal for anyone who gets muscle soreness whether its soreness from working out or simply from everyday activities.


  • Made from High-Quality Density EVA Foam
  • Lightweight
  • Strong core to retain shape
  • Suitable for home and gym use
  • Withstands wear and tear, easy to clean
  • Size: 45cm long - 15cm diameter

Click here to see our very own homemade video showing off all of our Lifespan Fitness Equipment.

Currently only available from our Heidelberg store.​

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