Plyo Box 12 inch

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12 inch Plyo Box is a great for training explosive movements. Super easy to pack up & store, conveniently stacking together to save space. Shop online now!

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Plyo Box 12" (30cm)

The Plyo Box is a great addition to any home workout and can be used in a number of dynamic ways to increase explosive strength and burn fat. The Plyo Box is a piece of fitness equipment that has long been employed by athletes from many different fields as it can help to build explosive speed as well balance, vertical jump height and improve the cardiovascular system. The Plyo Boxes are made from high-quality steel to maintain the integrity of the equipment. They also come with a rubber base to minimize movement and a slip-resistant platform to reduce the risk of accidents. The Plyo box is easy to store to reduce clutter and comes in 3 sizes: 12”, 18”, 24”.

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Currently only available from our Heidelberg store.

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