Resistance Bands Set of 5

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Lifespan Resistance Bands Set of 5 - only $59.95! A set of 5 different resistance bands to cover all bases of resistance training and stretching.


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Lifespan Resistance Bands Set of 5

Resistance Bands are an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment which can be used for almost anything. There are all sorts of different ways that these bands can be utilized for ultimate performance, including speed and agility training, aerobics, rehabilitation, stretching, plyometrics, yoga, pilates fitness, increasing resistance without increasing weight to compound lifts, range of motion and improving technique. They come in several different sizes and levels of resistance:

Red: Very Easy – 2.5kg – 10kg in resistance value – 5mm wide

Blue: Easy – 5kg – 15kg in resistance value – 13mm wide

Purple: Medium – 15kg – 30kg in resistance value – 21mm wide

Orange: Hard – 25kg – 45kg in resistance value – 32mm wide

Green: Very Hard – 35kg – 60kg in resistance value – 45mm wide

Resistance bands can be used for so many different aspects of physical training. They are a great addition for anyone with a desire to increase their level of fitness.


Bands are used for:

  • Speed and Agility training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Plyometrics
  • Yoga
  • Pilates Fitness 
  • Adding more resistance to bench press, compound lifts


Red: Very Easy - 2.5kg - 10kg in Resistance Value - 5mm wide
Blue: Easy - 5kg - 15kg in Resistance Value - 13mm wide
Purple: Medium - 15kg - 30kg in Resistance Value - 21mm wide
Orange: Hard - 25kg - 45kg in Resistance Value - 32mm wide
Green: Very Hard - 35kg - 60kg in Resistance Value - 45mm wide

Click here to see our very own homemade video showing off all of our Lifespan Fitness Equipment.

Currently only available from our Heidelberg store.​


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