Slam Ball 12kg

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Shop for 12kg Slam Ball online at Ivanhoe Cycles. With a harder shell than standard medicine balls can be thrown at walls or floors or your gym partner.

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Slam Ball 12kg

Slam Balls are an excellent way of incorporating the whole body into performing dynamic and versatile exercises which are explosive and fun. Slam Balls have a strong, hard shell but are also designed to remain still once thrown as opposed to medicine balls. This feature makes Slam Balls perfect for overhead lifts and “slamming” the ball into the ground. As there is a release of energy by throwing the Slam Ball into the ground not only is it a physical exercise but also a great stress reliever and is used by Personal Trainers all over the world as a way of relieving stress in clients while getting in a highly effective workout at the same time. The Slam Ball is ideal for anyone looking at adding an element of explosive training to their home workout. The Slam ball comes in 4 sizes: 6kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg.

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​Currently only available from our Heidelberg store.

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