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Spyne Mini Scooter - Black or Gold

    • Spyne Mini Scooter - Black or Gold

      Spyne Mini Scooter - Black or Gold
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      Spyne Scooters

      Spyne Scooters are the next big thing in the trick and street scooter world. Featuring a full alloy construction, alloy wheels, and an oversize integrated headset this is a scooter for all a rider can throw at it and more.

      Mini scooters have been around for years now, with Razors and JD Bugs getting kids away from the TV and computer and out into the fresh air. Lots of kids have grown up with these lightweight scooters, using them as a means of transportation and also as a source of fun, doing stunts and tricks down at the local skate park.

      As kids grow though, these lighter style scooters are no longer durable enough for the moves that they are capable of. It is this need for a tougher scooter for bigger kids (even adults) that has seen the need for tough street scooters like the Spyne. Already tricked out with anodised components and cro-mo Spyne batwing handlebars with lock on grips this is a sick unit ready to be ridden hard straight out of the box.

      The extruded aluminium deck and down tube are really light for great manouverability and yet seriously strong for when that jump isn't quite landed properly. With an integrated 1 1/8" headset just like on all the latest high end bikes, the front end is super smooth and blends sweetly with the oversized aluminium front fork. Even the wheels are aluminium and are fitted with Abec 7 bearings for smooth running and long life.

      The Spyne scooter comes in 3 wicked colour combinations. Purple/green, silver/red and black/gold and features a cool stainless steel brake on the back wheel.

      A cool scooter for those cool kids who have grown out of their toys and now need something more durable, tougher and already pimped with anodised bits and pieces.


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