12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette 12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette 12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette
12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette

12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette

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12-Speed SRAM Force XG1270 10-33T Cassette

Designed for the next generation of drivetrains—and the next generation of riders. The SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette is optimized for electronic shifting and features our X-Range gearing technology. Smooth, precise shifts, from 10T on up.


  • Features at least five one-tooth jumps for a smoother gear progression.
  • 10-tooth start helps provide a wider gearing range.
  • Designed to work with an XDR driver body.
  • MINI CLUSTER construction reduces weight and increases durability.


The Mini Cluster hybrid cassette construction combines three small cogs that are CNC machined out of a single block of billet stell with an additonal 8 cogs that are individually pinned together. The result: a cassette that’s light, durbale and equipped with a gear range that’s a perfect fit for any ride.


The XDR drive body is a universal mountain ssytem for cassettes tha tincorporate cogs with few than 11 teeth. It allows for lighter and more versatile drivetrains without requriing new rear axle standards, cassette tools or hub redesigns. The XDR interface is 1.85mm longer than XD and is designed for road hub applications. The XDR bodies are compatible with all XD cassettes when the cassette is installed with a 1.85mm spacer.


Road bikes are faster and more capable than ever before, and riders are expanding what’s possible with drop bar bikes. X-Range is gearing for today’s road riding/ We completely reimagined road gearing for wider range, more usefule and smoother gear progression, as well as smrt shift settings - enablled by AXS. With X-Range, you’re always int he right gear.