Girls Bike Malvern Star Lightweight
Malvern Star

16" Malvern Star Cruisestar SL - White/Pink

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16” Malvern Star Cruisestar SL - White/Pink

A light easy to pedal bike, aimed at families that wish to ride together.

A heavy bike that is tiring to pedal longer distances is quite restrictive when it comes to making longer, more interesting rides to encourage the kids outside to get a bit of exercise.

The SL part stands for Super Light, and it is just that. The bike is exceptionally light, with tyres designed to roll well, with the minimum of resistance. Apart from that, it looks great!

This is one adorable little bike that I’m sure any young girl would be very happy to call her own. You could add a basket and even a baby carrier at the back if you want even more frills, but even as it is this really is just so sweet.

The handlebars are adjustable and can be brought in close for a smaller girl. This size will suit most 3-6-year-olds. It comes fully assembled. Available in two colours.