20" Malvern Star Cruisestar SL Girls - Blue/White
Malvern Star

20" Malvern Star Cruisestar SL Girls - Blue/White

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20f Malvern Star Cruisestar SL - Blue/White   

The Cruisestar was made to suit girls around 5 to 9 years of age. At this age, many are looking for something other than pink. The retro-style seems to appeal to many young girls, and it has cool graphics to set it off.

The Cruisestar is very simple to ride. It has plenty of clearance so that it is easy to stand over, making starting and stopping a breeze. The SL frame is aluminium and lightweight, as are the wheels and the other components. The SL stands for Super Light, and it is lighter than most other girls Bikes, which makes it easier for her to handle, and certainly easier to pedal.

The whole design is to make this Bike as simple as possible to ride. It's easy to get moving with the low frame, the tyres are made to have low rolling resistance so that she can quickly accelerate to a speed that is easy to balance. The handlebars can be adjusted up, down, forward or back, so that it is easily adjusted to get the best control.

Of course, the braking is a back pedal brake, with an additional handbrake. It can be brought to a stop quickly and with good control. It is a good idea to encourage her to use the front handbrake, as most Bikes will have handbrake only after she grows out of this size.

Naturally, the saddle is comfortable, with nice soft grips. It is fitted with a side stand, and most importantly, the streamers. Bring her along for a test ride. There are lots to compare with, but this is a great little Bike.

Malvern Star
Wheel Size
20 inch