20" Malvern Star Radmax - Red

20" Malvern Star Radmax - Red

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20 Malvernstar Radmax (red

While most parents want a kids Bike to be inexpensive, there are quite a few that have experienced despair when they attempted to assemble a Bike the night before. In this case, you donƒ????????t have to worry, the Radmax comes fully assembled with a 10-year guarantee (and 2 free services, and is only $199. Great looking little Bike isnƒ????????t it?

This little Bike is a great comPromise. It is designed for 5-9-year-old boys and is simple, good quality, and hopefully wonƒ????????t break the bank. It has a back pedal brake as they are much simpler to use for younger kids, than a handbrake. It does have a handbrake as well so that you can start teaching her to use a handbrake as most Bikes after this will have handbrakes only.

The Bike is comfortable and has heaps of adjustments available to suit a growing child. The handlebars can be raised or lowered, as well as moved forward or back to increase or reduce the reach. And it has streamers and a basket, Probably the most important points for a little girl, Providing she likes the colour.

The paint finish is durable, and will even survive being left outside, although our kids wouldnƒ????????t do that, would they? We have them in stock ready to go, and you are welcome to bring your child in for a test ride.

Malvern Star
Wheel Size
20 inch

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