24" Apollo Neo 3 Speed - Black

24" Apollo Neo Boys 3 Speed - Black

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24 Apollo Neo 3s

Many parents ask why kids Bikes are so heavy. It seems unfair that the child has to work harder than their parents to ride any distance. That is changing as more parents make time to ride with the kids and get such pleasure from their time together. If you wish to ride together it becomes increasingly important to ensure that the kids enjoy cycling. A heavy, cumbersome Bike that actually weighs more than the parents' Bike makes this harder to achieve. The kids simply are not as strong as the parents, and struggle to keep up. Frustrating for everyone. Hence lightweight, ergonomically designed kids Bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and in a greater variety.

The Apollo Neo is one of the lightest 24" kids mountain Bikes available. While the Bike is lighter, often a couple of kilos lighter, it is the whole design that makes it so appealing.

Naturally, the appearance has been made appealing to most kids, as this can be a major stumbling block, but it is the comfort that will Probably win them over. Because the Bike is designed for kids, it is made to fit a wide range of sizes and has a greater range of adjustments than most kids Bikes. It will take a Smaller child than most, yet adjust up to take a child of around 12 years of age. So it quite possible that you could get 4 years of use from just one Bike. Great value for money in most peoples opinion.

The riding position is excellent. Your child can sit relatively upright, which of course increases their confidence level as they are not stretching forward feeling a little unbalanced. When they sit upright, firmly positioned on the saddle, kids feel more in control, so have more attention on where they are going, less on the operation of the Bike.

While the tyres are wider than many lightweight Bikes, they are a higher quality tyre that reduces rolling resistance yet can cope with a wide variety of surfaces. Anything from paved surfaces to gravel or even off-road tracks. No matter where you ride the tyres will grip safely, leaving the rider in total control. Of course, a Bike without front suspension has several advantages for kids. Rigid forks imProve control, particularly on a kids Bike which of necessity have lower quality suspension (good suspension forks would cost more than the most kids Bikes. This is because cheap suspension flexes so that steering is less responsive. Also, it is lighter, often suspension adds a kilo or more. The other less obvious point is that the Bike is lower, allowing a younger child to ride the bike with ease.

This Neo has a 3-speed gear system with a backpedal brake. A major advantage of the 3-speed system is that your child does not have to anticipate which gear is required before stopping, as they can change gear when stationary. The other advantage is that it incorporates a back pedal brake. As kids hands are not as strong it can be difficult for them to stop quickly. The backpedal brake adds greatly to their safety if this is the case. The Neo has simple controls, with a gear range adequate for almost any terrain that you will tackle with the kids. A really impressive Bike!

Of course, all the normal quality features are incorporated. Brake levers made for Smaller fingers, gear levers that have a lighter action for Small hands, and all controls easily reached and managed for improved confidence. Overall great Bikes, made to improve your child's riding pleasure.

Wheel Size
24 inch
Wheel Size
24 inch