24" Mongoose Rockadile - Red

24" Mongoose Rockadile - Red

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24" Mongoose Rockadile Red

 This Bike is great value, more suited to 8-year-olds rather than 7. The tyres are made to roll easily, and it has a simple gear system that has a light action for kids hands.

For many kids over the past 10 years or so, the Mongoose Rockadile has been the Bike that has been their transition between the little kiddies Bike and their first adult-sized Bike. A Bike that is a genuine step into the "big boys" Bikes. Lightweight, lots of gears, suspension................all the stuff boys want and need when they start going out with dad (or mum and doing some real riding.

The 21 gears suit hilly areas or for areas that are relatively flat or undulating, the gears can be left in one gear most of the time. The frame is relatively light, and the Bike is easy to manage.

A Small thing that will suit some people is that it has a quick-release front wheel, unlike many kids Bikes.

Consistently seen as a really good Bike for the pre-teenager, the Rockadile is still one of the best Bikes to consider when it comes time for your "little boy" to step up to something bigger. Perhaps even more so today as the new Rockadile has an even better appearance than earlier models.  

Suits kids aged 8-12 years


Wheel Size
24 inch