9s Marvo LT M46L Rear Derailleur-01

9-Speed Microshift Marvo LT M46L Rear Derailleur


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9-Speed Microshift Marvo LT M46L Rear Derailleur

The Microshift Marvo LT rear derialleur is designed for recreational use on bike paths, rail trails and commutes. It’s suited to hybrids or recreational level mountain bikes.

Compatible with 8 or 9 speed drivetrains.


  • Designed for 2x8/9-speed or 3x8/9-speed drivetrains. This is 2 or 3 chain rings on the front of your bike, respectively.
  • Used with index style gear shifters.
  • Ensure you’re using an 8 or 9 speed compatible chain.
  • Maximum rear sprocket size is 36T.
  • Total capacity is 45T.
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