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Ivanhoe Cycles - Bicycle Sales Melbourne. Giant, XDS, GT and more

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Can't find what you're looking for?

Ivanhoe Cycles can help you

We offer friendly advice to help find exactly the right bike for you; guaranteed! It has always been our goal to provide excellent customer service and we feel confident that shopping at the Ivanhoe Cycles Megastore will be easy, fun and rewarding. Saturdays and Sundays can be very busy, weekdays have less waiting time. Feel free to browse, or contact us today.

Ivanhoe Cycles has Melbourne's biggest range of bikes and biking accessories including over 2000 styles of bikes by Giant, mountain bikes, road bikes, vintage style bikes, ladies and kids bikes. If you are looking for a particular brand we carry many, including GT, Wilier, Colnago, Mongoose, Fondriest, Malvern Star and many more!

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am to 5pm
Sun 10am to 4 pm

Mega Store:
72 Bell St,
Heidelberg Heights, Vic
(03) 9450 5200

Ivanhoe Cycles Hallam:
2-10 Hallam South Rd,
Hallam, Vic
(03) 8795 1600

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Giant Mountain Bikes ➘ See more Giant Mountain Bikes >
Giant Anthem 27.5 1
Was: $ 3399.00  Now: $2999.00
Giant Xtc Advanced 2
Was: $ 2499.00  Now: $2199.00
Giant Talon 1 2016
Was: $ 1599.00  Now: $1499.00
Giant Reign 27.5 1 2
Was: $ 5999.00  Now: $5399.00
Byk Kids Bikes ➘ See more Byk Bikes >
Youth - Byk Helmet -
Price: $59.95
24 Byk E540 Retro Li
Was: $ 539.00  Now: $499.00
Byk Kids Winter Glov
Price: $29.90
18 Byk E350 Boys Bik
Was: $ 339.00  Now: $319.00
Lake, Diadora and other Bike Shoes ➘ See more Bike Shoes >
Louis Garneau Futura
Price: $199.95
Louis Garneau Escape
Price: $119.90
Shimano SH-WR41 Wome
Was: $ 149.00  Now: $109.00
Shimano SH-WM83 Ladi
Price: $199.90