Tacx Vortex Smart Bike Trainer

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Buy Tacx vortex smart bike trainer online at Ivanhoe Cycles. Experience the electro braking system with computer controlled resistance.


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Tacx Vortex Smart Bike Trainer

If you would like to train at home, but unsure whether you will lose interest, the Vortex bicycle trainer is an inexpensive way to ensure continued interest. The computer controlled resistance makes riding at home actually fun. 

To make training more interesting you can connect to a PC or a Laptop using the Tacx Cycling app, simply connect to Zwift or purchase the Tacx Upgrade Smart  (around $350) or and enjoy long scenic routes in HD  or Blu-Ray quality. Or you can compete against other riders (license required) on a variety of courses. Either option gives thousands of hours of rides through high-quality virtual worlds.

Using this software the Vortex can control the resistance unit, creating tough sprints, realistic climbs, and even allow you a break as you descend the other side. The maximum resistance on the Vortex is 950 watts or a sustained 750 watts. The simulated gradient is a maximum of 7%, enough to give a pretty decent workout for the average rider. A stronger rider may prefer the Bushido or the Neo Smart (they are fitted with a motor brake, not an electro brake as with the Vortex).

The electro brake is maintenance free, as it has no moving parts, and relies on magnetic resistance which is set by the software to simulate the climbing gradient (max 7%). 

When racing against others, if you exceed the units braking capacity, Tacx have created a system named Virtual Speed whereby the speed shown will be in red, and it will take longer to cover the same distance, guaranteeing a fair contest.

Overall this is a great unit, with sufficient braking for most riders.

Product code: T2180

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