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No joke (although we wish it was), but we have over 1,000 bike locks in stock.

Extreme? Absolutely.

But we reckon no one can beat us on product range.

One of our biggest bike lock brands is ABUS from Germany. These guys know their craft.

This includes “U” or “D” lock models such as the ABUS Granit X Plus 540, U-Bolt Ultra 410 and the ABUS Ultimate 420.

Combination bike locks are heavily featured in our range too.


The ABUS Steel-O-Flex Raydo Pro. It’s close to the strength of a U-lock but flexible like a coil lock. It comes in both combination and key versions.

And the ABUS Tresor coil bike lock. This one is well priced and perfect for recreational riders stopping at cafes and other pit stops.

Then we’ve also got the OnGuard bike lock range. Not fancy German we know, but OnGuard is exceptional value for money.

One that comes to mind is the OnGuard Doberman. This is our best mid-priced coil lock (and it’s available in key and combination versions).

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