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Bike phone holders are a must if you’re planning on using cycling apps (like Strava) to get the most information about your ride.

There’s 2 parts to bike phone mounts:

First, you’ve got the case. The case can be universal or specific to your phone.

Second, there’s the actual bike handlebar mount. There are several handlebar diameters (25.4mm, 31.8mm, 35mm etc.) to choose from. Most brands will have their phone holder clamps suit these diameters - especially Quad Lock.

This means most of our phone holders will support recreational, road and mountain bikes.

Brands of bike specific phone holders we stock are:

Quad Lock.

These guys do almost every type of phone holder - car, running, bike and motor bikes.

Quad Lock bike cases are really well made. A TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) edge-to-edge shell is used because of its ability to absorb shock and impacts. Quad Lock then uses a soft touch material on the inside to minimise scratching to the phone.

Quad Lock makes a case for (almost) every type of phone. But if you don’t want to buy a specific phone case, you can get a Universal Adapter mount. This will stick to cases and most flat plastic or metal surfaces.


You’ve got to buy the case separately. There’s 2 different types of Quad Lock cases - handlebar mount and out-front mount.


Zefal are exceptional value for money. Unlike Quad Lock, Zefal bike phone holders include the case and the mount.


Rokform is based in Irvine, California. They’ve been around for over 12 years and their designs are solid, well thought out and tested vigorously.

Like Quad Lock, their mounts and cases are sold separately.

Their new V4 mount bolts directly on the top cap so it stays centred and remains solid (especially for mountain biking).

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