OnGuard Doberman 12mm Combo Cable Lock

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OnGuard Doberman Coil Combination Lock 12mm - $30.00. User settable Steel Ball Combo lock is permanently forged to medium-duty 240cm x 12mm (7.78 ft x 0.47 in) self-coiling cable.


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OnGuard Doberman 12mm Combo Cable Lock

  • Cable Dimensions: 240cm x 12mm (7.78 ft x 0.47 in)
  • Doberman | 8031L
  • User settable Steel Ball Combo lock is permanently forged to medium-duty 240cm x 12mm (7.78 ft x 0.47 in) self-coiling cable.
  • Bracket included.
  • Twist Lock Quick Release multiposition mounting bracket.


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