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XDS is one of the biggest manufacturers of bikes in the world. We stock an extensive range of their mountain bike products from kids mountain bikes to...

So glad that you’ve landed on the XDS mountain bike page. Why? Because XDS is one the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world and their attention to detail far surpasses many other brands in our industry.

We’ve got a massive range of XDS mountain bike for sale. The range starts at the XDS Strike mountain bikes; our smaller sizes are perfect for a kids mountain bike and suitable for ages from 10 years old and upwards. All XDS Strike mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels, this is the next wheel size up from the smaller 24-inch. Every Strike model comes in sizes from XS (13”)  to L (19”).

The Strike 4.0 is the perfect kids' mountain bike; kids who are tall enough and ready to step into an adult size wheel (but with an XS frame). These are on special at $429.00. Then we move into the XDS Strike 5.0 (which is on special at $479.00) gets you slightly better gears. The Strike 2.0 is the top-end recreational model; hydraulics disc brakes, brilliant quality Shimano gears and perfect for kids who are riding off road a lot (such as at Lysterfield Park).  

For those who want a better quality mountain bike (usually the adults and serious teenagers) then check out the XDS Boss range. All these bikes (except the Boss 1.0) uses 27.5-inch wheels. These are better suited to taller riders and those who are spending their time on bike paths, Rail Trails (the one from Lilydale to Warburton in Victoria is awesome) and Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park. The Boss range is similar to the Giant Talon, GT Avalanche and Cannondale Trail mountain bikes. Except these bikes are better.


It’s the engineering that goes into the frame. Because XDS manufacture their own aluminium frames (and engineer frames for lots of other brands) they can make them to a far higher standard and use the best manufacturing methods to get the weight down and strength up. You’ll see things like smooth welds, tapered head tubes and complex transitions of cross-sections. Images do not do these frames justice.

The Boss mountain bike range begins at the Boss 4.0 (available in matte black or matte orange) and on sale at $899. The Boss 4.0 is perfect for those who are spending time on smooth unsealed surfaces and bike paths, to ride with the kids and for general fitness.

Moving up to the Boss 3.0 delivers a bike that is designed to take a little more punishment from the elements, and such is suitable for amateur level mountain biking as well as bike paths and rail trails. It delivers better suspension performance and drivetrain quality. 

The Boss 2.0 is now stepping up into a dedicated mountain bike; perfect for the single track, fire roads and those upgrading from a tired and worn out mountain bike. It features sealed bearing hubs (smoother rolling and less maintenance), smoother suspension and more powerful brakes.

New for 2018 is the Boss 29er 1.0. This bike is designed for maximum stability on rough singletrack and efficiency. The Boss 1.0 is equipped with a Fox suspension fork, the latest Shimano SLX gears and dropper post. Have a read through our in-depth article.

Every XDS frame comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty.

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