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XDS Boss 3.0 - Gloss Grey

Was $999
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    XS/13" 27.5" 152-162cm
    S/15" 27.5" 161-172cm
    M/17" 29" 168-176cm
    L/19" 29" 175-183cm
    XL/21" 29" 179-185cm



    The latest XDS Boss 3.0 is one of our best value recreational mountain bikes in our range. In this preview, we’ll explain who it’s designed for, where it can be used and the main components.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-15


    The Boss 3.0, while an improvement over the Giant Talon 29 2 and Boss 4.0, serves the same terrain: rail trails, bike paths, light off-road trails and 4WD tracks.

    It’s designed for family rides, general fitness use and the occasional adventure on easy mountain bike trails (like Lysterfield Park in Mebourne’s south-east).

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-130

    Readers note that the Boss 3.0 comes in 2 wheel size options - depending on what frame size you need.

    The 13” (XS) and 15” (SM) size frames are built with 27.5” wheels.

    This makes it so much easier for smaller riders to:

    • Steer the bike; 27.5” wheels make the steering more responsive.
    • Mount/dismount (smaller wheels lower the frame too).

    All this equals better handling and it’ll be especially easy for pre-teens or teens coming from smaller bikes to handle.

    The rest of the frame sizes - 17”, 19” and 21” - come with 29” wheels.

    Some advantages of larger wheels:

    • It lifts the front of the bike, delivering a relaxed riding position.
    • Larger wheels cover more ground; per rotation of the wheel you travel further.
    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-20


    XDS is an engineering company.

    Look, they are really bad at marketing, sales and any form of advertising. It’s just not their strength.

    But making some of the best bikes in the world definitely is.

    And that’s why the Boss mountain-bike range uses the best alloy frames under $1,000 in our range. In fact, it’s better than most aluminium frames north of a grand too.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-30


    Firstly, XDS use their premium X6 aluminium for their Boss range that’s been co-developed with Central South University Aluminum Research Institute - a leading research centre in the field of metal science.

    They’re able to get the frame weight down and frame stiffness up, improving the Boss’ strength-to-weight ratio.

    Why should you care though?

    Because it delivers a much better riding bike, with better than average handling.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-40

    High-end frame finishes like internal cable routing keep the cables hidden. This means the cables are not exposed to dirt, grit, mud and the elements.

    High-polish welds make the frame look almost one-piece. And definitely helps set the Boss apart from the competition who still use exposed welds.

    A tapered head tube is another high-end frame feature we rarely, if ever, see under $1,500. This improves the Boss’ handling.

    Note how this tube is much bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. That’s because more force occurs at the bottom, so the frame is designed to suit.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-60


    Starting at the front:

    The XDS suspension fork* is smooth and reliable.

    It’s got a red lockout lever positioned on top of the fork. This lockout lever allows riders to switch the suspension from being soft to hard.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-50

    As an example: For concrete bike paths and rail trails, set the suspension to Firm. This maximises power transfer for easier, more efficient riding.

    But, don’t forget to turn the dial back to Plush for rougher paths!

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-80

    The Boss 3.0 comes built with S-Rides’s new 9 speed mountain-bike gears. These parts are robust, reliable and deliver super-smooth gear changes.

    The back 9 gears are paired to 2 front gears. This creates 18 gears in total. Having 2 front gears (compared to 3) makes the gears much simpler.

    Gear 1 is used for climbing steep hills and Gear 2 is for everything else.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-90

    There’s also less ‘gap’ between each gear (compared to 7 and 8 speed gears) which means the chain doesn’t clunk as it moves from one gear to the next; so it’s smoother than 7 and 8 speed bikes.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-70

    The gears are controlled by trigger shifters, not the old-style twist shift. Push the small paddle to shift into a harder gear (to go faster) or the larger bottom paddle to change into an easier gear (for going uphill).

    Generally though:

    Gear 1, 2, 3 are used for going uphill. Gear 4, 5, 6 for riding on flatter paths. And Gear 7, 8, 9 for going faster - typically downhill.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-100

    Next area of interest are Boss 3.0’s hydraulic disc brakes.

    Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear generate much more stopping power than mechanical disc brake and V-brakes.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-120

    Not only that but they also deliver more control. This means you can slow down without skidding and losing traction - especially in wet conditions.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-110

    The Boss 3.0 uses Tektro’s M290 brakes. This has a new short-blade lever that’s a little more ergonomic than the Boss 4.0 and Talon’s M275 design.

    Power output also increases marginally over the basic M275 brake.


    Riders on the 13” and 15” frames are most likely going to have smaller than average hands.

    The lever on these brakes is adjustable to suit - without dramatically affecting braking power.

    XDS Boss 3.0 Gloss Grey-140


    Colour Gloss Grey
    Sizes 27.5 Wheels: 13”, 15”. 29” Wheels: 17”, 19”, 21”
    Frame XDS X6 Aluminium
    Fork XDS, lockout, 100mm travel
    Handlebar XDS Alloy 31.8mm, 680mm wide
    Stem XDS Alloy, 80mm
    Seatpost XDS Alloy, 27.2mm
    Saddle XDS
    Shifters S-Ride M300, 2x9-speed
    Front Derailleur S-Ride M300
    Rear Derailleur S-Ride M300
    Brakes Tektro M290 Hydraulic disc, 160mm discs
    Brakes Levers Tektro M290 Hydraulic
    Cassette 11T-36T, 9-speed
    Chain 9-speed
    Crankset Prowheel 36/22T, 170mm
    Pedals Platform
    Bottom Bracket Cartridge
    Rim XDS, alloy, 32H
    Hubs Alloy, 32H, Quick Release
    Spokes 14G Steel, brass nipples
    Tyres All-terrain, 2.10”
    Notes Spec for the 13” size is varies slightly to other sizes. // We reserve the right to make changes to the product and component information appearing on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, and materials.