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Most new riders ask us, “What kind of bike is a Giant Trance?”.


It’s a do-everything trail bike. The most versatile platform in Giant’s range of dual-suspension mountain bikes.

And that applies to ALL the Giant Trance platforms.

Oh, you only thought there was 1 type of Trance eh?

Not quite.

And if you scroll down a bit, we’ll explain the differences between them (from most suspension travel to the least).

Yep, at this point we explain the differences between the 3 types of Giant Trances:


The Trance X is a brand new platform that was released at the end of 2021.

It’s the only Trance that’s got 27.5 inch wheels.

The Trance X is designed with a 160mm travel suspension fork and 145mm of rear wheel travel.

But why 27.5 wheels?

Well, as you can see from the above video, it’s all about making the Trance X “feel” livelier, playful, agile and jumpable. In other words - Fun.

It’s not purpose built for speed, racing or high speed stability. Although the 64-ish degree head tube angle does a wonderful job of that.

You have 2 models to choose from in Oz: the Trance X 3 (RRP $4,399.00) and Trance X 1 ($6,499.00).

Both are aluminium. No carbon in this range.


When we say that the Giant Trance is the most versatile bike in the range, the bike we’re generally referring to is this one.

Keep in mind that it won’t suit everyone but for most riders, the Trance X 29 is perfect.

As you’d expect, it rolls on 29 wheels.

150mm of front travel is paired to 135mm of rear wheel travel.

Here’s an intro to the new platform:

The reason why the Trance X 29 is ideal for most riders is because of its geometry.

You see, it’s not as slack and low as the Trance X (27.5).

And it has a bit more suspension than the Trance 29 below - think of this as a “safety margin”.

More suspension means:

You make small mistake. Bike correct your mistake.

Sounds good right?

That’s why mid-travel bikes like the Giant Trance (as well as the Rocky Mountain Instinct and Orbea Occam) are our best sellers.


Is the latest Trance platform to have had a complete revamp. Launched in December 2021, it wasn’t available (surprise) until well into 2022.

The Trance 29 has been designed for those riders who love speed, minimal reaction times and need a bike that can still climb efficiently. “Efficient” being the key word in the design of the latest Trance 29.

The previous generation Trance 29 had a 115mm rear wheel travel paired to a 130mm travel fork.

For 2022, rear wheel travel has increased to 120mm. Front fork travel has stayed the same at 130mm.

There are 3 carbon models (denoted by “Advanced” in their names) and 1 aluminium model.

These are:

[Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 0](https://ivanhoecycles.com.au/products/giant-trance-advanced-pro-29-0-2022-pulp-gray) $13,499.00
[Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 1](https://ivanhoecycles.com.au/products/giant-trance-advanced-pro-29-1-2022-black-diamond) $8,799.00
[Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 2](https://ivanhoecycles.com.au/products/giant-trance-advanced-pro-29-2-2022-metal) $6,799.00
[Giant Trance 29 1](https://ivanhoecycles.com.au/products/giant-trance-29-1-2022-phantom-green) $4,799.00

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