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Bexly 8 E-Scooter

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Bexly’s warranty covers limited parts if a defect occurs due to normal and ordinary use of the scooter.

Our warranty begins from PURCHASE DATE and covers CERTAIN parts up to 12 months (please see list below) or a maximum of 1,000 kilometres.

BEXLY - 1 YEAR WARRANTY COVERS * The Scooter Deck * The Kick Stand * LCD Display * Handle Bars * Stem * Front and Rear Fork Assembly​

PLEASE NOTE : Warranty is voided if any modifications have been made to the electrics or internal programing of the Bexly scooter

BEXLY - 6 MONTH WARRANTY COVERS * Battery * Motor * Front and Rear Controllers * Battery Charger * Charge Port

NOT COVERED UNDER THE BEXLY WARRANTY * Tyres * Tyre Tubes * Brakes * Handle bar grips * Decals * Grip tape on deck



The BEXLY 8 is a lightweight versatile scooter that will not break the bank. It is powered by a 500-watt motor, a rear drum brake and with an impressive range of up to 25kms on one single charge.

With LED front and rear lights, there is no more worry when you’re caught out late with others.

It provides comfort of coil suspension, 8-inch tyres that soak up the bumps and all this from a scooter that weighs only 18kgs.

This is the scooter for you if you want a lightweight versatile cost-effective ride.

For the first time ever, portability comes with performance. BEXLY 8 features a high-efficiency (86% energy conversion rate) brushless 350W motor with 500W peak output.

This translates into a top speed of 25 km/h and the ability to climb 10 degree inclines. Designed for riders weighing up to 100 KG , it reaches 25 km/h in 6.2 seconds. Not bad for a scooter you can carry with one hand.


There are different rules and regulations for every state in Australia regarding the use of electric scooters (e-scooters). This includes where e-scooters can be legally used and if the e-scooter needs to be registered with the appropriate road traffic authority.

As the user, it is your responsibility to check and obey your State’s laws.

Please ride with caution. Wear a helmet and protective gear.


Battery 48V, 10.4Ah
Tyres 8-inch
Brakes Rear drum
Range Up to 25kms
Top Speed 25km/h
Weight 18kg
Suspension Spring
Lights Front and Rear, LED
Max. Rider Weight 100kg
Controller 20 Amp
Motor 500 Watt