At Ivanhoe Cycles, cycling gloves are something we are not short of; so we’re pretty confident that we’ll have a bike glove to suit your price point and riding style. We aim to cater for all styles of riding - including short-fingered, full-fingered, mountain bike gloves, winter gloves, waterproof, touchscreen compatible and even kids gloves.

Mountain Bike Gloves

We are the largest stockist of MTB gloves in Victoria; adult and youth. The majority of our range consists of Fox mtb gloves. There are too many to mention here, but you will be able to find a glove to suit your style of mtb riding; from the heavy duty Fox Attack mtb glove with the latest D3O protection to the feather light, goat skinned Fox Ascent mtb glove. If you’re after a great all-purpose full-finger mtb glove, then check out the Fox Ranger Gel; comfortable, ventilated and with gel inserts at critical points on the palm to reduce hand numbness. These also comes as a short-fingered cycling glove too, the Ranger Gel SF.

Road Cycling Gloves

For road, we put our faith (and money) behind Roeckl cycling gloves, Castelli and Pearl Izumi gloves. Time after time, they have proven to be some of the comfiest, superbly cut and made gloves that your paws will love.

If you suffer from numb hands or for those who want the most comfortable glove money can buy then it has to be the Roeckl glove range. A cycling glove like the 220 and 228 have the most padded median and ulnar nerve regions on the palm, as well as a heavy padded thumb - forefinger bridge area (for better support on the hoods of a road bike). Both these cycling gloves also feature tech like Schoeller Switzerland’s ColdBlack™; designed to prevent harmful UV rays (UPF30) and to keep your hands cool.

Kids Bike Gloves

Small paws need protection too. That’s why we stock the best kids bike gloves from Kiddimoto, Fox and Azur.

If you’re in need of a short-fingered kids bike glove then check out the amazing range from Kiddimoto (available in 10 different colours) and Azur kids range.

For the dirt or more protection, then you need Fox’s kids glove range such as the DirtPaw Youth and Ranger Youth, both available in several different colours.

Winter Cycling Gloves

Stuff to consider when buying gloves for winter riding.

/ Check the temperature range.

Castelli and Pearl Izumi are great at this and makes decision making a little easier.

/ Decide whether you want a glove for cold/dry conditions, or cold/wet rides.

Gloves designed for cold/dry conditions will have minimal protection and are constructed light and designed to be stored in your back pocket once you warm up. Gloves designed for colder temperatures will be made from material such as Gore Windstopper (or some other windproof fabric) and are slightly bulkier.

Some riders just do not feel the cold in their hands. If you’re one of these lucky few, then you may just need minimal protection (like the Castelli Lightness glove).

Gloves designed for cold/wet conditions will be constructed from multiple layers (or membranes) to stop water from entering the glove and still allow the sweat to evaporate. Gloves like these are definitely at the more premium end of the range, such as the SealSkinz Ultra Grip.