For those that haven’t clipped-in before, you’re going to love it. Using proper SPD-SL Shimano road shoes and pedals is far more ergonomic because not only does this system allow you to deliver far more power through each pedal stroke, all your leg muscles are being recruited to do their role as efficiently as possible. This means climbing, sprinting and descending become so much easier. Want to smash out a 100km granfondo? Using Shimano’s road shoes and pedals you can do this far more easily than using toe-clips or flats.

If you’re scared of being clipped-in, don’t stress. Shimano has produced a beginner style clip in pedal called Light Action. It’s approximately 60% easier to get your foot into and out of the pedal, compared with a non-Light Action pedal.

Shimano road bike shoes come in several different types; whenever possible, consider buying one that at least has a buckle and two straps, and a stiff plastic sole. Why? A buckle holds your foot far more securely inside the shoe than just velcro straps - especially in the pull phase of the foot where you can be applying considerable force. Next step is a part-carbon sole. Carbon is stiffer than plastic, so it makes sense to use it on the underside of the shoe so that it doesn’t flex and more of your Wattage gets transferred to the bike.

Shimano is gradually moving away from buckles for their mid to higher-end shoes, like the Shimano RP5 and Shimano RC7 (even the Giant Surge HV), and using the BOA closure system instead. This is a dial-closure; turn the dial clockwise and you the fine steel cables tighten. Everyone who tries the BOA system never goes back to the buckle, the fit is so much more comfortable. We also recommend this for riders with high insteps too.  

We stock a massive amount of road bike shoes at both our stores, Hallam 03 8795 1600 and Heidelberg Heights 03 9450 5200. So give us a call or come in to see our great range of road bike shoes (and pedals).


We mainly stock Shimano mountain bike shoes. Every season their range gets better and better, and they have cycling shoes that fit most riders (not all, though we try our best!).

Currently, our range of Shimano M089 mountain bike shoes are on special and flying out the door for good reason; they are the shoe everyone should start off with because they feature all the important basics, including the new Torbal sole.

If it’s your first time using SPD shoes and pedals, then we recommend using Shimano’s Click-R pedal. It’s designed for riders who have never clipped in (or afraid to, after a crash) because they require 60% less effort clipping-in and 62% less effort clicking-out, compared with a normal Shimano SPD pedal. Any Shimano SPD cycling shoe will work with a Click-R pedal.

For the trail, all-mountain or enduro-gravity riders, check out the Shimano ME5 and Shimano ME7. These are heavy-duty shoes (and lighter), with stiffer soles and construction that is designed for challenging conditions.

For MTB racers, you need the XC range, such as the XC7 and XC9. These shoes are designed to be the lightest and stiffest mountain bike shoes in Shimano’s range; perfect for racing or the serious enthusiast who wants a light and comfy set of shoes.