Pedals Such a simple idea but so many options.

Firstly, you need to know there are 2 different types of bike pedal thread; ½-inch and 9/16-inch. The former pedal thread is used for kids bikes and the latter for every adult bike.

In this we’ll focus on the more popular 9/16 pedal thread. Which there is also 2 different types; flat pedals and clipless pedals.

The best MTB flat pedals have a wide platform, multiple hexagonal pins for traction and sealed bearing axle. At Ivanhoe Cycles, some of our popular mountain bike flat pedal choices include the Giant Core pedals, Giant Sport pedals or for more serious mountain bikers the Giant Pinner DH pedal or Jet Black Superlight MTB pedal. The best shoes to use with flat mtb pedals are the Shimano AM7 or the new Shimano GR9 and GR7 flat shoes.

Clipless pedals are used for both road cycling and mountain biking. These pedals deliver far more pedalling efficiency compared to flats because you can control the down force and up force throughout the whole pedalling movement, ensuring you use your legs efficiently. We stock a huge range of Shimano SPD (mountain) and SPD-SL (road) bike pedals. For beginner, we recommend Shimano’s Click-R (mountain or touring) or Light Action (road) pedals because the need much less effort to clip in and out. Examples of the Click-R pedals include the Shimano T400 and of the Light Action the R540 LA.

For experienced mountain bike riders or those with knee issues, consider the Crankbrothers Mallet E (Enduro) pedal. These have a larger platform to rest your foot on, so they can translate more power and deliver better support. They also have more ‘float’. This means the knee isn’t restricted in it’s movement and it can ‘float’ at a wide range of angles.

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