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Hybrid Bikes in Melbourne

Looking for a hybrid bike to take your riding experience to a whole new level?

The hybrid bike combines several popular features of other style bikes that makes the ride efficient yet comfortable. The hybrid bike lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. At Ivanhoe Cycles, we have a huge collection of hybrid bikes for sale. We are confident that you’ll find the hybrid bike that matches your riding style for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Our Range of Hybrid Bikes for Sale

These hybrid bikes feature the best of road bikes and mountain bikes to create an amazing riding experience across different terrains. These hybrid bikes combine the effortless, fast ride of the road bikes with the comfort and stability of the mountain bikes. The hybrid bikes come in several types. Flat bar road bikes or flat bar hybrids are great for riding smooth bike paths. Or you can get sport hybrids which are great for riding on rail trails, unsealed surfaces or smooth bike paths.

These bikes are becoming popular with commuters, looking for a fast and healthy way commute to work. They travel well on grass, bitumen and gravel. We stock some of the best brands like Giant, Cannondale, XDS and so much more. With hybrid bikes, you choose your world to ride in.

Womens Hybrid Bikes

We have an impressive range of Womens Hybrid Bikes suitable for daily commuting or leisure riding. If you are riding on rail trails or unsealed surfaces or just a great all-rounder, check out the Liv Rove or XDS Rise Womens Hybrid Bikes.

Hybrid Bikes For Men

Our men’s hybrid bike range consists of Giant, XDS and Jamis. If you are riding on rail trails or unsealed surfaces or just a great all-rounder, check out the Giant Roam, XDS Venture or Jamis DXT Hybrid Bikes. If you are after something light and fast, have a look at our Giant Cross City, Giant Fastroad models or XDS Ascent

Giant Hybrid Bikes

There are several types of Giant Hybrid Bikes. At the lighter, faster end of the spectrum, we have the Giant Fastroad series. For those who enjoy riding off the beaten track or on unsealed surfaces, consider the Giant Roamseries. Or you are after an in-betweener, check out the Giant Cross City.

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