14" Byk E250 MTB Girls

14" Byk E250 MTB - Girls

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    14” BYK E250 MTB - GIRLS

    Push, Run or Pedal - This bike offers three bikes in one! With a detachable push handle, our low ergonomic frame and ultralight weight, learning to ride off-road, or on, has never been easier.

    With rolling dynamics 30% superior to competitors, and custom-fitted knobby tyres for all weather and even the toughest conditions, the E-250MTBG is the absolute best first mountain bike experience for your budding champion.


    By considering shoulder width, riding position, safety and comfort, we have created a light, easy to ride and ergonomic design that ensures a great fit. And for a child to ride comfortably and in the correct position the saddle should be padded and matching the size of their body - we have done just that with the E-250MTBG.


    With a lightweight Alloy ergonomic frame and the low gravity concept, the E-250MTBG is approximately 30% more efficient than comparative kids bikes. And light wheels make pedalling easier; professional bike riders insist ont hem so why shouldn’t our kids too! At just 7+kgs, it is one of the lightest bikes for this age group - most alternative kids bikes weigh more than 11.5kgs! And of course, for the off-road experience, your future ByK champion MTB rider has custom-fitted knobby tyres to make it over the tough terrain.


    To make a children’s bike safe, the rider needs to be able to brake efficiently and confidently. On the front we have used an alloy side pull calliper for developing immediate hand control, and at the rear a coaster brake for simple and safe foot braking.

    We have used alloy front and rear callipers with light action for superior control and a simple and safe coaster style foot brake. The best of both worlds we believe. The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for age, ability and ergonomic fit. And they are made of non-flexing, strong and light alloy. Our light weight alloy rims ensure pedalling is easier. But more importantly alloy rims are a more efficient braking surface than cheaper, chrome-plated steel rims, and are therefore safer.


    • Detachable push handle for helping get the rider up to balance speed.
    • Quick release seat clamp to easily remove push handle.
    • Custom length cranks.
    • Custom-fit knobby tyres to handle off-road terrain.
    • Ergonomic riding triangle between pedals.
    • Seat and handlebars for best balance and control.


    Weight 6.1kg
    Minimum Seat Height 40cm
    Maximum Seat Height 46cm
    Frame Lightweight Alloy, Low Gravity Concept Design
    Wheels Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels with Radial Front Spokes
    Tyres Custom-fit Knobby Tyres
    Brakes Rear Coaster Brake; Alloy Side Pull Front Calipers
    Brake Levers Alloy, Adjustable Short Reach Design
    Saddle Adjustable Ultra Mini
    Handlebars Custom Width V-bars
    Safety Reflectors Included
    Bell Included
    Training Wheels Included
    Detachable Push Handle Included

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