KMC 9-speed e9 E-Bike Chain 136L Silver
KMC 9-speed e9 E-Bike Chain 136L Silver KMC 9-speed e9 E-Bike Chain 136L Silver

KMC 9-speed e9 E-Bike Chain 136L Silver


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    KMC 9-Speed E9 E-bike Chain

    E-bike motors generate a tremendous amount force upon the chain, which is why it requires a stronger chain than regular push bikes. KMC e-Bike chains offer unparalleled tensile strength of over 1000kgf, exceeding international standards by over 30%. With KMC patented riveting system they have achieved leading pin power of 450kgf enabling riders to overcome rugged trails and difficult shifting situations with ease and confidence.


    • Brand: KMC
    • Model: e9
    • E-Bike specific chain
    • 9-speed
    • Extra stretch proof mushroomed pin
    • Triple X-Durability
    • MissingLink CL 566 non-reusable.
    • Highest Pin Power.
    • Specially designed for use in combination with strong mid motors e-Bikes.
    • Optimised pinpower and unsurpassed durability
    • Hi-Performance.
    • Hi-Torsion Resistance.
    • 136 Links.


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