Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat bar road bike features a specially designed frame that has additional clearance round the wheels. Shop Flat road bikes online for men & women.

The term "flat bar road bike" relates specifically to the handlebars, which are flat rather than the curved handlebars common to a road racing bike. Flat bar road bikes are otherwise similar in many ways to a racer being a relatively light weight bike with 700c wheels and reasonably narrow tyres for improved performance. However a flat bar road bike has a specially designed frame that has more clearance around the wheels than a conventional road bike, allowing fatter tyres and maybe even mudguards to be fitted. The bike then has flat handlebars with the brake and gear shifting controls at your fingertips at all times. This makes a very safe and controllable bike, especially when used in traffic, making it an ideal commuting bike. 

If you would like a fast, easy to ride bike, but want something really versatile, a flat bar road bike is ideal. It can be used for most tracks around the city, but still can be fast enough to allow you to ride with friends who may have a conventional race style bike.

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Cannondale Quick 5

$849.00 $599.00

Giant Fastroad SLR 1 2018

$1799.00 $1599.00

Giant FastRoad SLR 2 2017

$1399.00 $1099.00

Giant Fastroad SLR 2 2018

$1499.00 $1299.00

Malvern Star Sprint 3

$865.00 $599.00

Torpado Sportivo 21s

$699.00 $599.00

Torpado Sportivo 24s

$799.00 $699.00
Xds Ascent 3.0 Xds Ascent 3.0

Xds Ascent 3.0

$1099.00 $799.00

Xds Ascent 4.0

$629.00 $529.00