Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes are sized by wheel size. A 3 year old child would fit a 12 inch bike, 6 year kid, a 16 inch bike and 8 year olds a 20 in kids bike.

When choosing a bike for your child, there are a few factors to consider: age, size, riding ability, riding style (off-road/on-road) and of course colour! We have a HUGE RANGE of kids bikes to cater for any child's preference. We understand that if your little one doesn't like the look of the bike, it might end up sitting in the garage gathering dust! We want them to be whizzing around the backyard all day, every day, so we've made sure we've got something they'll like.

Childrens bikes are sized according to the wheel size, which are measured in inches. The bigger the wheel, the higher the bike. The smaller bikes come equipped with training wheels, however if you do need training wheels for 20" or 24" bikes, we do keep those in stock. Have a look through the range below. If you would like to read more information, follow the link to read our guide on choosing the right a bike for your child.

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