At Ivanhoe Cycles, we stock a huge range of adult scooter, kids scooter, pro scooter, electric scooter and dirt scooter. The scooter brands we deal with are Grit Scooters, Globber, Mongoose Scooters and Proline Scooters. All our products are sold as complete scooters too. See below for the full list.


Globber has the One K range that is designed specifically for adults. These scooters range from $240 for the base model One K 180 to $380.00 for the One K Active. All the One K range has the Kleefer folding system that is super quick and easy, and unlike other folding systems maintains rigidity when fully operational. Bigger wheels deliver better rolling efficiency and less effort.


Grit Scooters (Grit Scooter Company). Grit is one of the most popular pro scooter brands in Australia. Established in 2009, they engineer a complete range of 2-wheel pro scooters to suit kids through to serious scooter athletes. If you’re after a pro scooter and your child is aged from 6 years then we’d recommend starting at the Grit Atom scooter. The heaviest part of the Grit Atom (the deck) is made from aluminium. The handlebar and fork are made from steel. This delivers a lightweight (3.30kg) but durable scooter, especially for kids who are not always the best caretakers.

Otherwise, if your child is at least 12 months old then the Globber range of ride on scooters are a fantastic, long-term option. Design for kids up to 6 years old, the Globber Evo 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 ride on scooters can be changed depending on what stage your child is at.

For older kids, Globber also does a range of 3 wheel scooters called the Primo. All Globber Primo scooters have adjustable handlebars to suit different heights and the Elite has a folding handlebar too.


These are by far our most popular because they can be used everywhere from the skate park to the local streets. Pro scooters are made from high-strength, lightweight materials and are the most durable too.

Our pro scooter range consists of the following brands:

Grit Scooter Company. Here you’ll find a range of 2-wheel pro scooters for different height riders. From the Atom right through to the adult-sized Grit Tremor. The sweet spot for a lot of kids though is the Grit Elite scooter.

Mongoose has also released a range of pro scooters for 2019. There are 4 models to choose from: the Mongoose Stance ($139.00), Stance Elite ($199.00), Stance Team ($229.00) and Stance Team Legacy ($249.00). All models come in various different colours.

Then we stock Proline Scooters and the 4 models include the L1 ($119.00). L2 ($189.00) and the L3 (249.00).


There are a few key features you must look out for when choosing a new pro scooter.

Firstly, the size - both handlebar and deck size. Out of the two, handlebar size is the most important. Choosing a height and width bar suitable for the rider is foremost.

Secondly, as we go up in price we start getting lighter. Bars tend to be steel at the lower end and hydro-formed aluminium at the upper end.

Then it’s the design of the deck. The deck material is the same on a $100 scooter as it is on a $300 scooter. It’s the way the deck is manufactured; the material is removed where it’s not needed and reinforced in other areas where the load is high - essentially deliver a deck that is light and strong.

Bearings are also important. All pro scooters from the Grit Elite scooter, the Mongoose Stance Elite and Proline L2 and upwards get integrated head tube bearings. These make the front section (or steering column) a lot stronger and less likely to bend or fail.


The Globber One K E-Motion electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 25km/h (the legal speed restriction in Australia). It’s also foldable and rolls on rubber wheels and has a maximum range of 20km.


The Grit D1 is our go-to dirt scooter. It has proper pneumatic tyres for off-road grip, oversized deck and handlebars.