Trikes for kids come in a wide variety and Ivanhoe Cycles carry the better quality Euro trikes to suit 2-6 year old kids. Shop online or visit our store!

Trikes for kids

Kids tricycles are often the first wheeled experience for little kids. The bright shining smiles alone make the purchase cost worthwhile!

Trikes for kids come in a wide variety and we have some of what we consider to be the best at Ivanhoe Cycles.

A tricycle not only brings a lot of pleasure but gets your child ready for their first bike. They quickly get the hang of pedalling, steering and experience the joy of zooming around.

Most of the trikes have provision for parents to assist them home if fatigue finally overcomes the excitement.

Then Mum and Dad get a break while they replenish the energy ready for the next onslaught. Enjoy!

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