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26 Jun, 2016   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles

How to Turn Climbing into a Strength

When you begin your cycling hobby, it doesn't take long before you begin identifying yourself as a "cyclist" or "road cyclist". But as most cyclists become more experienced, it's not uncommon to hear them becoming more specific and characterizing themselves as "sprinters" or "climbers".

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19 Nov, 2015   |  by Javier

Getting Around Saddle Sores

There are some things that are somewhat uncomfortable to talk about, and for those who are only beginning to ride their road bike or mountain bike regularly, there is one thing that they feel more embarrassed to bring up than others. Of course, we are talking about seat soreness or as it's more commonly known, saddle soreness. Unless you only ride once every couple of weeks on the weekend, chances are that you will have experienced saddle soreness at some point...

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05 Nov, 2015   |  by Javier

Victoria's Tourism Action Plan

In the last decade, cycling in Australia has come along in leaps and bounds. Participation in casual cycling is up, a host of community and competitive cycling events have sprung up across the country and interest in international events like the Tour de France is at an all time high. And it would not be a stretch to say that Melbourne and Victoria have been at the heart of that growth in the sport and hobby that is cycling...

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30 Oct, 2015   |  by Javier

Cycling in the Warmer Months - Adapt Your Ride

The bitter wind and cold of a Victorian winter can be highly discouraging to amateur and professional road bike riders. Let's face it, who really wants to be out in the driving rain and gale force winds rolling off the bay or mountains. Thankfully, with Spring officially here, we can look forward to some warmer mornings and milder evenings for our rides. But cycling in the heat can lead to a whole new set of considerations to make sure your ride is still comfortable...

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13 Oct, 2015   |  by Javier

4 Ways to Make Cycling A Family Activity

Many cyclists see their hobby as a pursuit that they can only enjoy when they get 'a minute to themselves' on weekends or perhaps very early in the mornings. But as family life becomes busier, it becomes harder and harder to find time to enjoy your road cycling passion.

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