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21 Jul, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

How cycling makes you smarter and happier

Cycling, whether stationary or dynamic, has a positive impact on the brain- its structure as well its functions. That’s why a regular spin of the pedals tones up your body and mind. Challenging and pleasure-giving outdoor rides can especially endow you with a smarter brain and a happier disposition in many ways.

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21 Jul, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

Top 24 Scenic Bike Rides in Australia

If you are an avid biker you will find your fill of beauty, adventure and challenges exploring Australia’s multiple and diverse scenic landscapes. From a never-ending and untouched coastline, to tropical rain forests, to stark ochre deserts – Australia has something to offer to every adventure-loving soul. Given below are some of the more scenic and popular bike rides:

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21 Jul, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

Why Bicycle Helmets are Crucial for Your Safety

Riding on a bicycle is definitely an enjoyable activity. If you have good balance and enough confidence you can spin a few good miles down the road with pumping legs and the wind blowing across your face. Yes, a great feeling. But along with the fun and freedom of a bicycle ride, it is important to keep in mind the safety aspect. When you are moving with speed in a public area, however careful you

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14 Jul, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

Safety Tips while using a Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the easiest aerobic machines to use and offer a convenient way to stay fit. However, if used improperly, treadmills can lead to injury. If you have a new treadmill, it is essential to go through the safety guidelines before you begin using it. Adhering to certain safety rules will ensure that you are able to derive the maximum benefit of exercise i

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22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

How to Turn Climbing into a Strength

When you begin your cycling hobby, it doesn't take long before you begin identifying yourself as a "cyclist" or "road cyclist". But as most cyclists become more experienced, it's not uncommon to hear them becoming more specific and characterising themselves as "sprinters" or "climbers".

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