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Latest Cycling Articles

22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

How to Turn Climbing into a Strength

When you begin your cycling hobby, it doesn't take long before you begin identifying yourself as a "cyclist" or "road cyclist". But as most cyclists become more experienced, it's not uncommon to hear them becoming more specific and characterising themselves as "sprinters" or "climbers".

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22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

25 Great Benefits of Cycling

Suited for all ages and fitness levels, cycling is a cardio workout of moderate intensity that can frequently be turned into a happy family outing. Being an effective form of exercise, regular biking provides innumerable health benefits.

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22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

How cycling makes you smarter and happier

Cycling, whether stationary or dynamic, has a positive impact on the brain- its structure as well its functions. That’s why a regular spin of the pedals tones up your body and mind. Challenging and pleasure-giving outdoor rides can especially endow you with a smarter brain and a happier disposition in many ways.

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22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

Top 24 Scenic Bike Rides in Australia

f you are an avid biker you will find your fill of beauty, adventure and challenges exploring Australia’s multiple and diverse scenic landscapes. From a never-ending and untouched coastline, to tropical rainforests, to stark ochre deserts – Australia has something to offer to every adventure-loving soul. Given below are some of the more scenic and popular bike rides:

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22 Apr, 2017   |  by Ivanhoe Cycles Staff

Why Bicycle Helmets are Crucial for Your Safety

Riding on a bicycle is definitely an enjoyable activity. If you have good balance and enough confidence you can spin a few good miles down the road with pumping legs and the wind blowing across your face. Yes, a great feeling. But along with the fun and freedom of a bicycle ride, it is important to keep in mind the safety aspect. When you are moving with speed in a public area, however careful you are, danger can lurk in many forms. So as an important safety me

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